Smudge Stick – Black Sage – 10 cm


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Black Sage (also known as Mugwort) smudging sticks can be used in traditional smudging practice for purifying and cleansing with their sacred smoke, they are favoured for their use in divination and seeking spiritual journeying  or prophetic dreams.
Mugwort is often also associated with lust and fertility.
Black sage is good for cleansing and rituals of protection and healing, it is also very good for dispelling negative energies.

What is smudging?

Smudging or burning Sage is a ritual that involves burning sacred herbs or resin.

The herbs used can vary, from the popular forms of sage or cedar to the wide range of herbs like lavender, rosemary and others.

Smudging can be performed to invite positive energy into your home, room or space or any area and energetically cleanse the space.
This can help you create a positive environment for meditation and to set your intention for self-improvement, to sit and let go of negative thoughts.

All you need for smudging is a container or smudging bowl and smudging herbs.
It’s beneficial to open the doors or windows before you start, to make sure the unwanted or negative energy that you are trying to clear will have a pathway to get out.
Then holding the smudge stick in your hand light the end of it, allowing it to catch fire and let it burn for several seconds.
After a few seconds gently blow on the lit end to blow the fire off – the smudge will begin to glow and smoke.
Walk around the area with the smoking sage stick, make sure you reach all the corners in the space you want to cleanse while directing sage smoke all over the surfaces and spaces.
Finally, place the burning smudge on a heatproof bowl to catch the ashes as it burns.

Our suppliers keep the smudges as loose sage leaves, to ensure the highest quality products we can offer to our customers. Before packing, the leaves were dried before they got sealed to keep it in good condition during their journey to us, so we can guarantee you our sage is mould-free.

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